Amy's Busy Bee Arts Photography
"Always Busy As A Bee"


Help teach children about animals in captivity with your generous donation to the project , Captive: A Zoos Book.  Donate today at The support of many caring people like you, will accomplish this goal.  Check out my portfolio for some of the photos that may be included in the book.  A great big Mahalo to The Crowd Funder Show for sponsoring our project and showing our project as a segment on the show.  Together we will educate children that captivity is a tool to saving animals and that diversity in this world is a good thing.


Hiss-N-Slither Snake Rescue

"Amy was easy to coordinate with and is a conscientious and patient photographer. During our onsite photo session, she remained aware of the animals in such a way to remain safe and still get the dynamic photos. She does quality work, and captured the animals looks and personalities so her photos are a true representation of each individual animal. Though some of the animals were not cooperative and one snake named Rici lunged at the camera, Amy remained calm and got the action photo. She was very receptive to handler suggestions on how best to display the snakes. She showed creativity by recommending we should individually place the anacondas in a tank of warm water for their photos thereby obtaining the most naturalistic photos, staying safe and providing snake comfort. Some fantastic photos of them were obtained this way. She brought her own photography equipment making her very prepared. Amy traveled to our location to photograph the collection. Overall, Amy was very professional. We are happy with the work she performed."

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